This Ain’t Celebrity Fit Club Boot Camp


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    This Ain’t Celebrity Fit Club Boot Camp

    Post by Admin on 21st July 2010, 1:47 am

    Cast: Alec Knight, Breanne
    , Briana Blair, Dale
    , Lea Lexis, Marco
    , Nick Manning, Otto Bauer,
    Rocco Reed,
    Sadie West,
    Violet Monroe
    Ravenous for more than just cream pies, roasted chicken, and
    phallic-shaped vegetables, the girls of Hustler Video`s newest parody,
    THIS AIN`T CELEBRITY FIT CLUB: BOOT CAMP XXX, find themselves bending to
    the whim of their chef, drill sergeant, doctor and nurse. Cast in the
    roles of these lust-hungry young ladies are porn starlets Breanne
    , Sadie West, Violet Monroe, Briana
    , and Leah Lexis, who engages in an incredibly filthy foursome
    towards the end of the film! Let`s hear it for DPs!! With Otto Bauer
    playing the role of the stereotypical angry drill sergeant, and the
    girls all more than enthusiastic during their scenes, it`s not hard to
    get lost in the moment and forget that this is only a movie.

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